"I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace." Acts 20:24

To Tell of His Grace

Our Adoption Timeline

05/05/2011  ~ Jesus spoke to our hearts that He had something ahead & we need to trust Him
05/23/2011  ~ Brodie was moved by co-workers adoption and had a talk with our family...

06/09/2011  ~ Clearly felt the Lord calling us to adopt 
06/28/2011  ~ Turned in application to adoption agency...started Home Study and Dossier
08/29/2011  ~ Home Study done...sent off I800a application
09/23/2011  ~ Fingerprints
11/08/2011  ~ I800a approval
12/18/2011  ~ DTC!!! Dossier (all of our official paperwork) to China
12/26/2011  ~ LID (Log In Date - paperwork logged in to China)
01/2012       ~ Our first agency was put on probation from Chinese govt...we were not aware
06/18/2012  ~ I had a dream about an organization, called them, they warned us something was up and       gave us specific questions to ask our agency
6/19/2012   ~ This prompted our agency to meet with us...found out they had been on probation and we needed to switch agencies (they didn't know that they had been put on probation in Jan - they just were finding all of this out...they have been amazingly helpful and it was all a part of God leading us to Kaylee Grace!)
6/20/2012   ~ Called lady back from organization from dream - she recommended 3 wonderful agencies- we spent a lot of time seeking God and praying for His Will!
6/21/2012   ~ God made it clear that Lifeline was where He was leading us!
6/25/2012   ~ Sent Application to Lifeline - entered their Orphanage Partnership Program
9/2012        ~ First set of files from Orphanage Partnership Program sent to Lifeline
11/06/2012 ~ Saw Kaylee Grace's face for the first time
11/09/2012 ~ Began "official" agency transfer (we weren't able to officially transfer until a specific child was matched with us)
11/29/2012 ~ Sent LOI (Letter of Intent) to China
12/05/2012 ~ PA (Pre-Approval!)
12/21/2012 ~ LOA!!!!! (Letter of Approval!!!) 16 days!
12/27/2012 ~ I800 Sent (we had a few days of delay with Christmas and mail time since we are out of state from our agency)
01/09/2013  ~ I800 Approval
01/14/2013 ~  GUZ #
01/15/2013  ~ Cabled to Guangzhou
01/18/2013  ~ Article 5 Drop Off
02/01/2013  ~ Article 5 Pick Up
02/08/2013  ~ TA!!! (Travel Approval)
03/07/2013   ~ Leave for CHINA!!!
03/11/2013   ~ Forever Family Day!!!
03/19/2013   ~ Consulate Appointment (in China!)
03/21/2013   ~ Home :)