"I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace." Acts 20:24

To Tell of His Grace

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Family Birthdays

We celebrated Brodie and Papa's birthdays tonight at Nana & Papas. Papa has been wanting a picture for his office with the grandkids so we started off the evening with a photo shoot ;)

 We actually got a few cute ones in about 5 minutes! We will see which one Papa chooses for his wall ;)

 As soon as we were done the kids all ran off to play!
Kaylee found the "tennis" racquet early on in the evening & coaxed most everyone into playing with her ;)
Even Great-Grandpa! 

The Clarks!
Auntie Julie is on the home stretch...the twins will be coming soon (but hopefully not too soon!)
So, we will have to re-do Papa's family picture once TWO more grandkids arrive ;)
We spent our morning cleaning up our front yard...we got TP'd last night :)  It was Jr High boys (Brodie saw them! ha!). The boys and Kaylee were nice helpers and we all worked together and even had fun cleaning it all up ;)

So thankful that tomorrow is Sunday...a day to worship the Lord and RELAX as a family!

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Movement

Last night our church hosted The Movement 2013...a dynamic youth event where hundreds of kids gathered to FULLY commit their lives to Jesus and to changing the world around them with His Love. 

It was an awesome evening!!! Worship was led by our good friend Jon Shabaglian and band and Coach Babcock shared the truth of the gospel and the power of Jesus to change lives for all eternity!

Hundreds of kids recommitted their lives to Christ!!! We are praying for this generation of Christ-followers to boldly lead their peers to the LOVE of Christ so that they can not only live eternally but abundantly now! The enemy of our souls has more traps set for our kids than we could ever count...only Jesus can lead them though victoriously!!!

Lord, we praise You that You are All-Powerful!!! We lay our kids in Your Almighty Hands. Please give us wisdom as we parent and give us an unwavering desire to pour Your Word into their hearts "that they might not sin against you" Psalm 119:11
And please bless this group of girls to want YOU more than anything and to live their lives fully for You!!! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Week ~

This week flew by since it was nice and short :)

We had an eye doctor appointment for Kols...glasses will come next week :)
He actually sees really well - just needs some glasses for when he reads for long periods of time :)

Patient brother and sister watching Kolson's exam ;)
Kaylee has a new "game" she plays...as soon as we get into the driveway after dropping off the big kids at school she says (with  HUGE smile on her face) "dri-dri-dri" for drive, while pointing to herself...asking me for a turn driving - which is what she gets to do with daddy ;)  So we usually sit in the garage for about 15 minutes while she "drives" and adjusts all the mirrors, etc
Can you tell she likes driving? ;)
We ended up in the ER last night ~ Brod and I had a date night and Kaylee was playing with the big kids while the baby sitter was here and she all of a sudden jumped backwards (being silly) off the couch and bumped the back of her head. The sitter called us because she was disoriented and not acting like herself. We came right home and sure enough it seemed like she had a concussion ;(  Shortly after, she started vomiting and just didn't stop...so off we went to ER and thankfully, they just monitored her and once she was able to keep some liquids down we were able to head home...poor girl!!!
Here she is...finally alert & starting to feel a little bit better and wanting to go home
She was back to her normal, spunky self today!
We had Sissy's tennis match this afternoon :)
Her first match ever! She did great (won 8-3) and we had fun watching ;)
And off to her first Jr. High dance tonight ;)
Sports theme :)
Looking forward to Keeg's FB game tomorrow and a fun, relaxing weekend!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Loving Long Weekends

We LOVE long weekends! I worked in Kolson's class on Friday and my mom watched Kaylee ~ Claire was there, too, so the girls got to play. This was Kaylee's 2nd time being left at Nana's without the big kids and she did AWESOME! No tears at all...just gave me a kiss and said, "bye" (or "dyeeee"...but we're really working on those "b's" and she got it down a couple of times this weekend!) We're so blessed to have Nana and Papa right around the corner ;) Nana & Papa always have at least one grand-kid or another there ;) When I came back to pick Kaylee up this is what I saw when I walked in the door...

They had just come out of Nana's "kiddie" pool and were all wrapped up getting dry ;)

We went to the cabin and Keeg did a lot of fishing...unfortunately this fish is not real ;)
He was teasing me and told me he caught a big fish...ha!

When we got home, Kaylee got her FIRST haircut! I needed to give her a little trim...she did a great job ;)
Thankful for extra time together as a family!