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Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School!

WOW! Time flies!!! I can't believe that Sis is in 6th grade, Keeg is in 4th grade and Kols is starting 2nd grade! How did they grow up so fast!!??!!

Kennady -11, Keegan - 10, Kolson - 8

First Day of School Picture with Mrs. Ribera!!!

Sissy is ready for a great 6th Grade year!

Keegan is excited about all of his friends in his class this year!

Kolson is thrilled that he got Mrs. Peters for  2nd Grade!

Mommy is going to miss her buddies while they are at school!

Daddy never misses a chance to take his favorite kids to school on the 1st Day!

Keegan has a great teacher that will get them started right away on classwork!

Sissy couldn't wait to see her friends, Mia and Haley!

Sis was SO happy to have Mrs. Arruda again!

Kols can't wait to dig into 2nd grade work! (If only we could get a shot with his eyes open  ;)

Here is Sissy today as she heads off to 6th Grade:
And here she is 6 years ago as she headed off to her 1st day of Kindergarten:
Here is Keegan heading off to 4th Grade:
And here he is 6 years ago as he went to his 1st day of Pre-School:
Here is Kols going to 2nd Grade:
And here is a peak at some of the type of things that he would get into 6 years ago while the kids were gone for 1/2 of the day:
Kolson found Sissy's bow while she was at school and decided to try it on  :)

Fun Memories  :)  Each stage is such a blessing! We are having more fun than ever with our kids and we are more aware than ever that this time is precious...every day is a gift!!!

Happy First Day of School, Sis, Keeg and Kols! We love you and we are so blessed by each one of you!!! Love, Mom and Dad

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