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To Tell of His Grace

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Haiti Pics and Our Weekend

Brodie and Kennady have been home for a week now...it's so great to have them back! We all missed them.....especially Miss Kaylee Grace! She really didn't even sleep much without them here....she'd dose off here and there and then start crying again and ask over and over, "Daddy? Daddy?" all through the night :(   She was just SO sad! 

We were able to FaceTime with them a time or two towards the end of the week and that really helped her a lot :)  Sis got really sick the day after they got back and was home from school all week! Poor girl was not feeling well at all :(  
But is was nice having her home and getting some extra sweet time with her as we loved on her :)
Their first night in Haiti going out to dinner (Brodie, Kennady, our niece Jordan)

"Team Turkey" Haiti 2013

Fabrice....a little cutie that Kennady had so much fun with

This is one of my favorite pictures of the whole trip.....Kennady is sitting in the chair (see her blonde head popping out?) and completely surrounded by all the kids. It perfectly captures how Brodie described her...a kid-loving machine that ran circles around the rest of the team. She loved every minute of being with the kids and has CONTINUALLY asked us when she can go back. She would like to go and live there for a year with the director ;)  LOVE seeing Jesus shine through her heart :) Such a gift!
I guess we got SNOW at the cabin....way more than we expected we would! Our neighbor sent us this shot...we SO wish we could have gone up there this weekend and played in the snow....soon enough! It will be Kaylee's first time in the snow - just seeing the pictures made her light up!

The big kids got ice cream and little sister gave in and tried it...she took about 5-6 "baby" bites but none-the-less she tasted it :)  Big Brothers and Sister love it when Kaylee orders something and doesn't eat it all....they get to finish it off!

Brodie had shoulder surgery on Friday...it made Kaylee's shoulder hurt too ;)

He's looking pretty good for 3 days after! Already started in home PT :)

Some of the exercises hurt but he's determined to rehab well! 

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