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To Tell of His Grace

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Country Livin'

Ever since we moved into the country about 9 months ago our kids have begged for chickens :)

We do love farm fresh eggs (well, all of us except Brodie, he's freaked out by them because as a kid he used to have to hold the eggs under a light for his grandma and see if it was an egg or a chick :-/). 

But he was a trooper and built us a coop! 
A really amazing coop, if I do say so myself ;). He's one all-around talented guy :)))

And my sister-in-law, Tera (who is our chicken expert!) and her parents went and picked us out some really great hens that are about 4 months old! We got 8 to start out with :)))

We put them in their new coop and they seem to love it :). They are calm and sweet and already letting our kids hold them!
Farm Fresh eggs in a couple months!! 

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  1. That's a beautiful coup. We have had chickens for two years now and love our fresh eggs. Have fun with these.