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To Tell of His Grace

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Full Day ;)

Kaylee Grace had her eye appointment today ~ doctor thinks they look GREAT!

Needless to say, Kaylee was so excited to go to a doctor's appointment where they just looked at her and let her leave! She had HUGE smiles as we walked out ;)

Next Kaylee and I ran to Kennady's awards program...

Kaylee wanted to be with her big Sis the whole time!

We've been so blessed to have such an awesome principal all 7 years of Kennady being a Garfield Cub! 

All of the girls with Mrs. Mele :)

Look who wanted in the picture ;) Ha!

Kaylee got to play in the Kindergarten area when we were done :)

Kennady had youth group tonight...8o's theme ;)

Kolson's class performed a few plays that parents got to come and watch
Kolson was the same character that Keegan was 2 years ago when he was in this play :)

Good Job, Kols!
The boys in their His Little Feet shirts with Kaylee Grace :)

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