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To Tell of His Grace

Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year and Re-Adoption!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

It's Kaylee Grace's 1st time celebrating CNY and her first time wearing her  silks :)

It just so happened that Kaylee's Re-Adoption date was today also! Her adoption was final once we hit US soil but they still encourage re-adoption which enables us to get a US birth certificate for her and legal name change.

Big Sister :)

She had NO idea what we were doing but she loved that the mics were on and she could
talk into them whenever she wanted to ;)

Big Brother, Kols!
 The boys seem as if they are just thrilled with the re-adoption process ;) Very patient siblings!!!
Big Brother, Keeg :)

The judge said that this is the BEST part of her job :)

Notice Kaylee's microphone pointed right down at her.....I'm telling you, she loved talking into it :)

She's totally listening to the judge like she knows what she is talking about....
we didn't even really know what she was talking about! Ha ;)  
Happy Re-Adoption Day, Kaylee Grace!!!

We had Thomas and Grandpa's birthday's after our re-adoption appointment....so we decided to incorporate celebrating CNY along with the b'days. We made a cake and my niece, Rachel, decorated it with a horse (it's the year of the horse this year). She is so artistic....we knew she'd be able to do it. And it turned out GREAT!
Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

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