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To Tell of His Grace

Monday, June 9, 2014

It's Summer!!!

Wa-Hoo!!! We are super excited that our summer vacation officially started today! We started celebrating Friday :)

Sissy had some friends up to the cabin this weekend 
Kaylee even rode on the tube (She was so excited!) 
We were out on the water a lot :)

We had a super fun time! Although we did loose an iPhone in the lake and one of the girls chipped her tooth :(. But overall we had a blast! 

Kaylee started swim lessons a couple of weeks ago :)
She LOVES every minute of her time with Teacher Amy!!!
And she works SO hard! 
I'm really proud of her ~ she was pretty worried at first. I told her that she will swim with Teacher Amy and Mommy will sit in the chairs and watch. We went one day to watch some of the other kids at swim class so she could see what I was talking about. 

This is the first time that she has separated from me and gone to someone that she had just met ~ so that was another hurdle for her to overcome. And she was so BRAVE! She kept looking back and asking Teacher Amy for me....but Amy is SO awesome with her ~ she just distracted her and showed her toys in the pool or fun things around her yard. 

So at her 2nd lesson, she was excited and ready to go.....except she decided she would really rather not put her face under the water. She kept telling me, "No thank you under wa-wa" over and over. I told her that I would talk to Teacher Amy about that ;). Amy explained to Kaylee that she needed to learn to swim so she would need to go under the water. Again, she just got this look of determination on her face and did just what Teacher Amy said! I could see fear and worry creep up every so often, and then it was almost like you could see her set her mind to do what she was being asked to do and she would go full force! 

Now she can't wait to get in that pool and swim all around! Sooo proud of her!!

We also went and watched Rachel and Anna's play that they were in a few weeks back....they did an amazing job!!!

Yay for summer! 

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  1. Your post brings back memories when my kiddos took swimming lessons at Amy's! Now we are in the teenager season of life.
    Carole Alfheim