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To Tell of His Grace

Sunday, December 16, 2012

We got an Update ;)

We received an update on Kaylee Grace on Friday! It is such a blessing to have updated pictures! They were taken on Thursday of last week :))) We also were able to ask 10 questions to the orphanage and we got answers to all 10 questions...

What do you call her and why was that specific name chosen for her?
We call her Ting Ting. Sui is the last name for the children from our orphanage. Xiu is the first name for the children who entered our institute in 2010. Ting means grow to a beautiful, slim and graceful girl. 

How would you describe her personality? 

She has a ready smile, but she is also stubborn. 

Does she sleep well at night? What are her sleep habits?
She sleeps well. She likes to sleep on her stomach. 

Does she say any words? If so, what are they?
She is not talking yet. But when she needs something, she burbles and gestures. 

What is she afraid of or what are things that she does not like?
We didnt find she is afraid of anything at the orphanage. 

What calms her when she is upset or scared?
Pick her up and talk with her will calm her. 

Does she have a favorite toy?
She likes to play with small balls. 

Who is she the closest to at the orphanage?
Her nanny. 

Does she take a bottle or eat solid foods? If so, how do you prepare it?
She takes a bottle. Mix formula with rice cereal. 

What is her favorite thing to do or something that makes her smile?
She likes to play with other children in the playroom.

Her updated measurements:
Height: 75cm; Weight: 9kg; Head: 47cm; Chest: 46.5cm; Teeth: 16; Foot: 12cm.

(Height: 29 1/2 inches; Weight: 19.80 lbs)

We were so excited to learn some more about our girl!!! We haven't seen any pictures of her smiling so it was so sweet to hear that she has a "ready smile" ;) We can't even wait to get there and hold her!!!

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  1. SO sweet and thankful to see her precious face! Love the answers they gave you. Such a comfort to know more about her. Praying for your process and thankful God made us friends through our red thread connection!!! Blessings and love! XO