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To Tell of His Grace

Friday, February 1, 2013

Countdown to Kaylee Grace....

We are getting CLOSER!!! We had our travel meeting last night and it looks like we will travel in 4-6 weeks!!! (IF we get our travel approval next week - which we are praying BIG time that we will - then we will go end of February, first of March). If not, we will go mid-March :)  Either way, we are really starting to get things ready!

Also, our sweet friends that are in China right now sent us some pictures of our Kaylee from when they went to visit the orphanage! What an ABSOLUTE blessing this was to wake up to!!! They also got some video that they will send us when they can ;)

The orphanage workers brought her into the room when our friends arrived!

Here is Kaylee with her sweet friend Lucy and Lucy's mom - who was SO GRACIOUS to take this gift to Kaylee for us. When we asked the orphanage questions about her and found out that her favorite toy is a small ball (which we see her with in most every picture we get of her!) we realized that we didn't send a ball with her care package. So when my friend, Stacie,  asked if we'd like to send something with her to Kaylee, we knew just what to send! Stacie said that she had one of these balls in her hand in no time! We also sent another set of pictures of our family that had a ring on it - we are hoping that they will connect it to her crib so she can become familiar with us ;)

Although here she seems to be more interested in this small, wrapped piece of candy...Lucy looks interested in it too! What cuties they are!!!

Still holding the candy ;)

I am assuming that this must be one of the nannies that Kaylee is with the whole time

After they all hung out in the conference room for a bit, they took our friends into the playroom (Kaylee got to go too!) Stacie said that Kaylee IS walking!!! Here is what Stacie said in an email to me: 
"They brought her to the conference room when we arrived!  We gave her the pictures and the balls!  She had a ball in her hand very quickly and was loving it!  She seems to be very quiet, calm, and just taking it all in. She reached for and grabbed several objects while  I was watching her.  She was very curious and looking around. We went up to the playroom and she was walking all around that room!  So incredibly cute to watch!  Unfortunately they would not let us take pictures in there, but boy is she walking!  She is probably a head length shorter than Lucy. She seems to be a bit smaller, but not too much. Totally guessing I would think she would be in a 12-18 month clothing. Lucy is in about a 18-24 month. I would guess about a 5 or so shoe. Lucy is in about a 6-6.5.  She is just precious!  I got to give her a little love too!  Hope you enjoy!" 
SOOOO.. wonderful to get this update!!! We CANNOT wait to get our arms around her ;) Please pray with us that Jesus will prepare her heart (and our hearts!) for all that is ahead. We recognize that this transition will not be easy for her but we are hopeful and praying that the Holy Spirit will so cover and fill her with HIS wonderful PEACE as she is placed in our arms. We love you Kaylee Grace!


  1. She is absolutely precious. So glad that Stacie and Nathan got to see her and visit and love on her. Maybe that will hold her over until her Mommy and Daddy get there. I will keep her in my prayers and pray for quick travel approval for you and safe travels. God Bless you all. Renee (Stacie's Aunt)

  2. What an awesome blessing for your family!!! There is nothing sweeter than photos while you wait! Thinking the clothes sound about right! We took 12-18 mth clothes and they were just right. Praying for that TA!!!!! XOXO