"I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace." Acts 20:24

To Tell of His Grace

Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of School!

Kennady ~ 7th Grade!!! 
I seriously can't believe that she is starting Jr. High...seems like just yesterday she was in Kindergarten ;)  She was SO excited, which made the transition easy! Had a great day meeting up with old friends and making new ones ;) She LOVED every single one of her teachers and classes - School Service (Leadership Class) was the highlight of her day ;) She had tennis after school - she is really enjoying playing tennis!

Keegan ~ 5th Grade

Keegan was ready to get back to school and see his friends! He likes his teacher and class - it's going to be a great year for him :)  His highlight was lunch ;)  He played football both recesses and football after school starts tomorrow!

Kolson ~ 3rd Grade
(Someone snuck into his picture ;)... Kolson had a great day as well...he was a little nervous this morning but ended up having the BEST day :)  His highlight of today was his teacher...Ms. Hoffman! All 3 of our big kids just love her so he was excited to be in her class and he loved every minute of it. We got a detailed rundown of what his school day looked like and it sounds like it was a lot of fun. At recess he played soccer with his friends :)

We love you, Big Kids! So thankful you had an awesome day!!!
Little Sister had a GREAT day as well! I'm so thankful ~ I was worried because she LOVES playing all day with her fun siblings, but she and I had fun :)

We used our pretend microphones and sang most of the morning ;) This is her new thing...she has us sing a song and then she "sings" along with her microphone (hers was a hairbrush, mine was a baseball bat - Keegan started this and now she brings us to her singing spot and we sing away ;)

After playing at home for a while, we ran a few errands, came home for lunch and she took a nap ;)

Kennady at Haley's house for pictures before school

Emma, Haley, Mia, Kennady and Jackie...on our way to the first day of Jr. high!

Our annual picture with Mrs. Ribera...not the same without Sis, but fun to have Kaylee join in! Such a blessing to have Jami shining Jesus' light at Garfield!

Keeg in his classroom

Kols with his friend, Toby

Kennady had a photo shoot with Kaylee a few days ago

Keeg starts football tomorrow! Go Cubs ;)
Thank You, Jesus, for a great first day back! We give You all the praise :)  Please cover students and teachers everywhere as school starts and may Your Love be shared on campuses everywhere!

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