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To Tell of His Grace

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wishing Summer Would Slow Down

Only a week and a half left of summer :(  We are wishing it would slow down!
We had a day full of appointments...

Kols was my AWESOME helper today at Kaylee's Eye Doctor appointment (Sissy and Keeg went with Nana to their Sports Physicals...Kennady got cleared, we have to take a couple more steps to get Keeg cleared for FB from his neck injury)

New fish in the waiting room's fish tank!

Miss Kaylee waiting to have her eyes checked...the doctor told us that we HAVE to have her wear her glasses ...she mentioned using arm restraints to keep them on ~ Ummm, no...that won't work for this girl! So instead the doctor had a little talk with Miss Kaylee and told her she has to wear them...we will see if it works ;)

Keeg waiting to have his retainers checked :)

Kaylee LOVED watching the kids get checked out...finally she was not the one that had to be poked and messed with ;)

She was very interested in watching the orthodontist work on them

Even climbed up into Sissy's lap!

And here she is after nap...wearing her glasses! She wore them for about 2 hours! Before bath time she took them off. I told her, "Ok, we will take them off right now, but we need to put them on when we wake up in the morning." She pushed them away and shook her head no ;)
We'll see how it goes in the morning ;)

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  1. I just love the Johanson Children. Four beautiful creations of God. (saying a quick pray that sweet Kaylee wants to wear her glasses)