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To Tell of His Grace

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Typical Day for us.......

We've started falling into a routine which has been so nice :)

We wake up early here (by 5am the sun comes beaming through our big upstairs window......and I found out that Kaleb Jasse & Khloe Enna's first meal at the crèche was at 5:15/5:30 so they are used to being WIDE awake by 5am). We have them lay in bed "quietly" until 6am (today we made it till 6:25am cause Sissy came & laid with us and kept our two littlest monkeys from from being too silly). 

Once we get up we get dressed and head downstairs. 

Time to eat breakfast ~ the first week Alese was our cook :). What a blessing to have her!!! We have things like oatmeal, eggs & pancakes ~ we brought "just add water" mix from home ;) 
After breakfast we clean up & do school time!

We have 2 great students
This day we read "Wheels on the Bus" and drew a picture of what we might see if we went on a bus ride......Kaylee would see lots of people :)
Kaleb Jasse would see flowers :) 

And we have one crazy little monkey that we try our best to keep quiet and keep from ripping school work  :)
When school time is over we clean up & head outside. It's been very cloudy & rainy here and the sun is usually only out in the early morning so we take advantage of it then! 

We've been playing lots of soccer 
What a blessing this courtyard has been!!

After soccer we have "towel time" where we all head upstairs with a snack and sit on our OWN towel with our own set of toys and a buddy.  We *try* to have some "calm" play time......we are getting better each day at this! 

Next we head down to make lunch & eat! We have been having PB & J's, grilled cheese and apples or quesadillas  :) Then we read a couple books and the littles take naps. This is when we do Bible time with the big kids :)

The littles wake up feeling much better and we head down to make dinner. While we make dinner we put all 3 littles on the downstairs bed to watch a movie (usually one of us needs to sit in there with them). 

We eat dinner ~ simple stuff like spaghetti with noodles we brought from home, a little bit of canned chicken we brought from home and either canned green beans or veggies from local market here :). Also lots of beans and rice! 
Sis shopping at the local market ~ making friends everywhere :)

Then onto showers/pjs and more reading books and bed :). We don't shower them everyday  (we don't have hot/warm water everyday, but most days we do~ HUGE blessing!!!) 

Having this little routine helps all of us :). And we will be able to keep a similar routine once we get home so that will help everyone adjust ;)

Our sweet friend, Julienne, came over tonight & taught us how to make her amazing French toast casserole which we will eat tomorrow morning :). She also brought us a loaf of cinnamon bread from a local bread seller ~ delicious ~ we will definitely be getting more of that when we can! 

We've been walking to the crèche a few times a week ~ it's a nice walk for the big kids and Brod and I but it's a little long (and all uphill the way there) for the littles. Plus the traffic here is crazy and pedestrians definitely do not have the right-a-way!!!  ;)
Enna rides in the baby carrier ~ it's the only way I get her up these hills, lol!
Keegan surrounded with his buddies at the crèche 
Memory match game back at home while I get dinner ready ;)

We are all missing home (well, except for Kennady!). We realize how much we take all the simple things for granted like clean water and having a garbage system and a car :). It's good for us to be here & rely on Jesus & each other in this way! 

We went to Giant Market in town today & you would have thought we were going to Disneyland with how excited we all were, lol!
Each kid got to pick out 2 treats ~ Kaleb Jasse chose Oreos & a mini box of Lucky Charms :). Big kids chose things like chips & chocolate milk. Kennady asked us to stop by the local market so she could get avacados for her treat :) Kaylee chose Gatorade & fruit snacks :). 

It was such a simple thing for us all to get out but it really was a special treat!!! Just getting to go & choose some of the comforts from home is such a blessing! 

We've only been here 2 weeks but wow! We have really seen such amazing growth in Kaleb Jasse & Khloe Enna. They came from such a loving environment & that makes trust come much easier. They had such a solid foundation ~ what a blessing Chances for Children is!!!!! Amazing nannies that truly love! We can see already what a difference their love has made in these 2 little lives :)))

Khloe Enna's passport is ready for pick up ~ Kaleb Jasse's should be ready later this week.....praying passports come soon! 

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