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To Tell of His Grace

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Markets Here

We have been learning to shop locally as the American-type grocery store here (Giant) is SO expensive! We can only go to the American-type grocery store when the Guest House Manager for Chances for Children goes into town (this is the only time we have a ride). I buy our meat there but we can't buy for the whole week as our refrigerator doesn't have power much of the time. We keep our meats in the freezer and it keeps it cool enough for a few days worth of meat ~ then we use our good ole' Costco canned chicken that we brought from home the rest of the week and plenty of rice & local bought beans ;)

Today I rode into town with Julienne (Guest House Manager) and she showed me meats that are safe for us at the grocery store as well as veggies from a beautiful local market (much bigger than the local market in Kenscoff where we have been walking to). I got watermelon, 5 large avacados and a pineapple for $13. 
At Giant I got bottled water, apple juice, some veggies for dinner (locally grown), ground beef & chicken, apples, tortillas, cheese, oatmeal, and some snacks foods for kids (cheese-it's, powdered donuts.....you know, the essentials, lol) and a sponge and spent $155 US dollars!!! I added it all up & figured it would have cost me about $70 at home.

I'm so thankful for our friend, Julienne! She's really been so helpful with teaching us which sellers to buy from locally and with helping me negotiate prices (they typically charge Americans much more). 
Julienne, Felicine (one of Chances for Children's sweet drivers........he is the first orphan that Pastor Maxime hired when he aged out of the original orphanage that C4C originated from....Pastor Maxime is the pastor that runs all the churches C4C has started), and Kaylee Grace & Kaleb Jasse. Julienne loves Jesus and it has been refreshing watching her walk out her faith here in Haiti :)

We LOVE this little break in the rain ~ lots of time outside these last two days :). But I know they need the rain just as much as we do ~ they've been in a drought so they are so thankful for every drop just like us at home :)
Alese, we miss you! Come back & visit anytime ;)

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