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To Tell of His Grace

Friday, January 25, 2013

Forever Family Cake

We have been so blessed to get connected with 2 other families who are also adopting 2 year old girls from Kaylee's orphanage. One of the moms has a daughter who is 3 that they adopted from China a little over a year ago so she has been so helpful to us other two moms with informing us of everything we need to know along the way. One thing she suggested that we all do is go in together and give our girls a "Forever Family Cake" - which is usually done about a month before you go and get them to bring them home. When you send a cake, they give you pictures of them eating it...which was such a blessing to get today!!! We also got our last update of her from our agency before we travel so that we can plan what size clothes to bring :)

The three sweet little ones in the red are our girls (from left to right: Charlotte Mae, Kaylee Grace and Lucy - behind the cake). How HUGE is this cake - I had no idea it would be that large!!!

Sweet Lucy has a big smile - she will be with her family on Monday!!! (Click on her name to follow her journey - everything you see them do, go, stay, is where we will be in a month or two!). Charlotte Mae is feeding herself and Kaylee Grace is on the ground ;)

Here is our girl eating her cake!!! And yes, she is holding a ball - which was what her orphanage told us was her favorite toy :)

And here she is standing in the background (and we think it looks like she is walking!!!) We were told she can't walk yet...but maybe she has started???

Charlotte Mae being fed some yummy cake!

We were so excited to get these precious pictures!!! We cannot wait to get there and hold her!!!


  1. You don't know me, but I am Stacie and Nathan's Aunt and great Aunt to Karlye and Lucy. As they are over in China already, I had not got a chance to see the forever family cake pictures. I love to follow other blogs that Stacie has listed and today I picked yours. How very surprised I was when it included pictures of 3 beautiful little girls and Lucy being one of them. We cannot wait to see this precious one soon and so love and enjoye Karlye. God has so blessed these children with loving and wonderful parents. May he continue to bless you all and keep Kaylee Grace surrounded with his love until you can hold her in your arms. I will pray for your safe travels and your family as you continue on your journey to your daughter!

  2. Hi Renee :) Yes, we are SO excited for Nathan and Stacie..Karlye and Lucy too!!! Can't wait to follow along as they are there ;)