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To Tell of His Grace

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kaylee's Big News...

Love this picture Stacy got of Kaylee's dedication :)
 We have a HUGE praise! Kaylee ate a FULL fruit squeeze yesterday! When Claire was over at our house and had a snack, she chose one of the fruit squeezes. We always give Kaylee whatever snack Claire has and she asked me to open hers...I did and she sucked down every last drop :) She had another one today for a snack and half of one out at Sissy's tennis :)  One step closer to eating solid foods :)))))
 This is one of the first times that she has actually put anything other than her bottle IN her mouth...usually everything just touches her lips and that's as fas as she'll go. Yay! 
She has also been eating the broth from soup ... I have soup often for lunch and I've been making a bowl for her ~ she slurps the broth off the spoon and each day has had about half a bowl of broth (leaving the meat and veggies). I'm going to make a new batch of soup tomorrow and grind her meat and veggies up into the broth...just to sneak a few nutrients in ;)  We'll see how that goes...
Learning to pedal :)

Arts and Crafts time with Claire :)  Making Fall Pumpkins!

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  1. Kaylee's starting to eat is wonderful news. It will not be long before her eating is 'old' news. I am so happy!!!