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To Tell of His Grace

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Time For An Update!

Whew! So much happens in a week or two!!!

Football for the boys:
Keeg's team

Kols' team
 Tennis matches for Sis:
Mommy and Kaylee on our way to Sissy's match

Go Sissy, Go!!!
 Time at the cabin with family and friends:
Kaylee and Cousin Anna playing playdough at the cabin

Keeg blowing up a raft to take out on the lake
The Marini's came up to the cabin and Sis and Kiki made us breakfast...smores pancakes - yes, those are marshmallows, m&ms and crumbled graham crackers ;)
 One last swim for the season:

Playdates with Claire ;)
Having a snack on the slide

Painting ;)  Claire likes purple...Kaylee chose orange
Someone VERY SPECIAL turned 40!!!!!  Happy Birthday to the BEST husband and dad!!! I love you, Babe! And I am SO BLESSED to do life with you ;)  Praying this will be your best year yet :) You are a strong, godly man and the plans that He has for you are beyond what we can imagine...He has placed so many gifts in you for His glory :)
Miss Kaylee, Brodie's mom and I all dropped by with cake and goodies to surprise him and celebrate with his office

 Nana Carol spent a few days with us :)
We had SO MUCH FUN!!!

Cute kids ready for church ;)

 Miss Kaylee tried a fruit pouch on her own!!! Can't wait till she eats REAL fruit...or even these squeeze pouches on a regular basis ;)  She tried it once and hasn't tried it since...one day!!!

You can do it, Kaylee!!!
Digging in the yard:
Kols LOVES playing with Kaylee...always so kind and willing to do whatever she wants.
She LOVES playing with him, too!

We've had a few sick days...
Sissy was sick and as she was feeling better she and Kaylee were playing with my camera...
Sis was having her make funny faces ;)

Keeg got it next....here he is feeling MUCH better and getting some HW done...
Miss Kaylee has her crayons and Dora coloring book ~ doing her HW, too!

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