"I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace." Acts 20:24

To Tell of His Grace

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Anything for a Laugh.....

Yesterday was Kaylee's medical appointment...she did great! It was so packed and busy in there - hot and sweaty, long lines...and she just hung out with Sis and I (thank goodness Sis came with me! Brodie stayed back with the boys since Keeg had a fever). She helped me so much! Kaylee only cried when she got blood taken and when the doctors and nurses examined her. 
Getting checked

With Big Helper Sissy

So thankful that Kennady came with me and that she is so responsible - she could have done it on her own...she amazes me! 

So after we got home she had a nap and when she woke up we found something else that makes her laugh....

We made a big huge mess everywhere - we figured since she won't eat the food we may as well use it for something ;)

Then she started to throw the food -we were all cracking up and laughing so hard that she just kept doing it....finally we handed her a ball so that she could throw that. She LOVED it!!! Next we took her into the family room so that we could eat ~ I handed her a french fry to hold while we ate and guess what she did with it??? Yep! She threw it and started laughing so hard! Then the kids handed her her toys and she threw them. Finally they got the beach balls out that we brought and we had a big old throwing party for about 2 hours - Kaylee Grace threw EVERYTHING that we put in her hands! We all were in stitches we were laughing so hard! And if you look closely in the pictures you will notice that she scoots a little bit away from me every once and a while until she was completely out on her own playing with everyone! (We have video that we will try to upload some other time)...

And look who else she played with ;)

Teaching her how to give five...she's got it down now ;)  She is such a smart little girl - as soon as we tell her to do something she does it :)

 It is SO FUN and AMAZING to watch her blossom....bad habits and all...we will do anything to get this sweet one to laugh!

I would also like to thank Kennady for being my blog assistant! Things have been a bit crazy around here and it just wouldn't get done without her - she loads all the pictures and all I have to do is type a bit. And the boys have been such GREAT helpers too! Washing bottles, playing with Kaylee so I can take a shower...so glad they all came!

Please pray for us...Brod and I each have a low grade fever now too and are achy :( Keeg is feeling a little better but is still coughing so much. We skipped church today and may have to skip the local shopping trip -which is where we would buy the squeaky shoes for so cheap :(  Please also pray for sweet Kaylee girl! She is having such a hard time with sleep now that she is bonding a bit more - barely slept at all last night :(  We know that soon enough she will learn that we won't leave her but a little more sleep would be good for us all ;) Also that she will take some food (congee, baby food, anything other than her formula and rice cereal). We can tell she just isn't getting enough substance from having the diet of a 6 month old...we need to get some meat on this girl! Thank you all for praying and thank you for your sweet and encouraging comments....they keep us going!


  1. Our dear friends...we just spent the past hour reading through all the blog posts you have made since the beginning of this journey. What a blessing it has been to be able to experience this with you from thousands of miles away through your words and pictures. Thank you for sharing your story and for letting us all get a glimpse of your beautiful new girl.

    We will keep you in our prayers. Hope you all start feeling better soon so you can just focus your energy and strength on loving that little beauty! May the rest of your trip be blessed and we are anxious for your return.

    Love you guys...the Phanco's!

  2. What a blessing to be able to be a small part of this journey with your family! Kaylee Grace is adorable and is such a beautiful addition to the Johanson fam. I am so overwhelmed with seeing the orphanage where she was left and to know that God was in total control! We can't wait to meet her and be a part of her life. We love you all so very much and are praying for you all!
    Jenny, your writing is so beautiful and such an encouragement and testimony of the power of the Holy Spirit. What a legacy this blog leaves for your children and especially Kaylee Grace Ting-Ting:) Thank you for sharing! Love you all! The Robisons

  3. We look forward to reading your blog every morning. Thank you so much for posting so we can all share in your joy on this journey. So great to see Kaylee smiling and giggling. Praying that you will all feel better quickly.

    With Love,
    The Costis

  4. I can't wait for next weekend!! Although I love reading the updates I cannot wait for you guys to get home!!! In the name of Jesus I pray for healing and health for all of the johansons- I pray the fevers leave and that their strength returns in full force! Please protect kennady, kolson and precious kaylee from catching anything and give them the strength to buy the squeaky shoes. :-)
    Btw- I'm shopping for a slide and scooter....hope that's okay ;-)

  5. Lord, we praise you for the awesome work that you have done already in Kaylee's life and the work that you WILL do in her life. The Lord bless you, and keep you; the Lord make His face shine on you; And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance on you; And give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26 We speak speak total healing over Kaylee Grace, physical, emotional and spiritual!
    God we pray that you would heal and strengthen the Johanson family and take away all sickness in Jesus name.
    Carole Alfheim