"I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace." Acts 20:24

To Tell of His Grace

Monday, March 18, 2013

Our New Friends

We would love it if you will pray for our some of new friends...we have met so many wonderful couples here! We had the best evening last night getting to go out with two other families that we have really connected with. One of them needs prayer so I am asking my prayer warrior friends from home to pray along! They are the sweetest couple - here adopting for the 3rd time and getting 2 sweeties who both have HIV (you can read their AMAZING God story here). Their children have to have SO many medical tests -poor things- and one of them is having to get a certain amount of saliva into a cup to be tested. It took about 3 hours today of Mommy and Daddy working overtime - if they don't produce enough then they will have to have a tube put down their throats to get it out :(  SOOO... let's pray that Jesus will help these sweet little ones produce a TON of saliva in a matter of minutes!!! We know He can do all things and NOTHING is too hard for HIM!

We ran into our friends in the lobby (Tim and Catherine who are adopting a little guy named Benjamin - or BoBo- as they call him). Our big kids love him and think he is the cutest! He of course attached to Kennady ;)  Kaylee has loved watching him from day one as we both got our kiddos at the same time. Today we put her down to see if she would play with him and she did! I think it helped having the squeaky shoes too ;)

Playing ball in the hotel lobby

Our travel group

At Shamian Island shopping - so great to have a FUN day...our big kiddos needed a day to just chill! Check out the big lobster behind them ;)

By the famous statues of American tourists

The boys are playing with BoBo while us parents shop a little ;)

The Chinese people love to stop our kids on the streets and try to talk to them or touch their hair ;)

On our way to dinner

With Tim and Catherine Austin and Mike and Anne Jutt from our travel group at what has become our favorite China restaurant - Sultan - Turkish food ...or Armenian as we would call it back home ;) We love it!

Kaylee is having fun - throwing her napkin at the empty water container to knock it over in the restaurant - I'm telling you...if anyone would like parenting advice, just ask us.....we have taught her to throw food, knock over water bottles in nice restaurants, and wait till you see the video of the sassy attitude we taught her tonight. You know, we're just teaching her all the important stuff first ;)

We all think it's funny...but apparently they don't like this sort of behavior in China because the waitress took the water bottle away from us...but when she wasn't looking we got it back ;)

This is Anne, the Mama and one of her sweeties who will need to have that test I asked you to pray for 

Catherine, BoBo and our kids

Brodie and the Jutts - these are the two I'm asking you to pray for! 

I have mentioned it before...but adoptive parenting is SO different than parenting biological children.  Regardless, I don't think that teaching your child how to have a sassy attitude would be considered good parenting under the adoptive parenting guidelines - but it is pretty stinkin' cute!
And by the way...check out her eyes tracking better!


  1. Her eyes do look SO much better!! Thank you Jesus for smiles, giggles, walking, playing, eyes tracking, and quick healing!! So much for than we can ask or imagine!! Jesus I continue to pray for your glory to be revealed through the life of Kaylee Grace and for strength and endurance for the last few days in China.

  2. I am catching up Jen! I LOVE that smile that I see on Kaylee Grace! You all look fabulous and so praying for the precious family you mentioned! I LOVE that you are carrying that baby everywhere! will make a world of difference! I love you! shay

  3. Thank you so much for keeping all of us back home updated through your blog! Every time we read it, it brings tears of joy to our eyes!! It's so amazing to see the way God has been at work throughout this whole journey, and continues to work each moment, each day in your beautiful family of 6. We are praying for continued health for the whole Johanson clan, for your friends for whom you asked for prayer, for continued bonding & adjusting for Kaylee Grace & the whole family, and for safe travels home very soon. We love you all!! :-)

    --The Feramiscos :-)

  4. Jenny,

    I love your posts! I love her sassy behavior better!!! Kaylee is just blossoming into this perfect little Johanson. And apparently your former roommate has rubbed off on you guys- favorite restaurant is ARMENIAN!?! whoo hoo! WE all can't wait to see your smiling faces. Love you!!!!

    Ryan and The Fluhartys