"I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace." Acts 20:24

To Tell of His Grace

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kaylee Grace is Ours Forever!

Today we went back to the Civil Affairs Office to finalize the adoption!

Daddy trying to get Kaylee Grace to stand

Looking at Daddy, not too sure if she wants to stand.

Not wanting to walk but thinking about it.

Going to the Civil Affairs (Kaylee Grace closes her eyes or turns away when there are bright lights are around).

In the hotel lobby.

On the bus
Wiped out.

Mama is washing her hair

The kids did her hair- this was Albert Einstein 

Daddy is happy that he gets to hold Kaylee Grace

Kaylee is letting Mama set her down.

Kaylee Grace took three bottles today! We are thankful for all the prayers!!! She really does not want it at first but once I get her to open her mouth she gets a full bottle down in about 90 seconds - so fast! I tried to get her to take a little break in between but she had no interest in that - we were just thankful that she took one! She lets me feed her her bottle too! The staff members from her orphanage had told us that she likes to hold her own bottle so I wasn't too sure if she would - but each time she has! This is great for bonding. Now we just need her to start trying some other foods (fruits and veggies) she is still on a formula/rice cereal diet and has not pooped - soon enough she will be trying other foods ;) She feels most comfortable when she is in the carrier - more safe and secure. She was really quiet today - not too much crying - actually she didn't cry at all so long as she was in my arms or in the carrier with me. She seems to be forming an attachment to me because last night and  first thing this morning she was fine going to Brodie and okay with us setting her down to walk. But now she screams when I pass her off to Brodie and will not let me put her down for even one second to stand/walk - she pulls her legs up and won't even stand. We have learned that this is a really good thing! She took a great nap - 2 hours! She fell asleep on me and was out so I was able to lay her down on the bed in order to eat lunch (our guide took the dads to go and get chinese take out and they brought it back to the rooms so that the little ones could nap after our morning out). Once she woke up we went outside to the little play area that the hotel has - she sat on my lap and watched our big kids play :) By the end of the evening she was looking at me here and there (which she had been avoiding until tonight). She has not had any interest in playing but she is always holding a toy - one in each hand. She also sat and watched Kolson show her all of her toys and Kennady and I played with her toys while she sat on my lap and she was quite interested in what we were doing. Progress!!! We are so thankful for this front row seat to see God grow her into all that He created her to be--- we are SO in the very beginning stages but we are encouraged by the baby steps she took today!


  1. Thank you Jesus!! I am so thankful for the many miracles that we are going to see God accomplish through the life of Kaylee Grace and the testimony that her little life will be for Him!!Praying and believing God for great progress and miracles every day!!

  2. So glad that she is eating. Will keep praying for her. Sounds like she is already making great progress with her new family. Love love love the pictures! Thanks for sharing so openly so we can all rejoice with you.
    Andrea Costi

  3. Love reading this today and seeing your beautiful family. Thank you for posting everyday! It's really a beautiful story. God is so good and your entire family is living proof of his blessings! Can't wait to meet Kaylee Grace!

  4. LOVE all the smiles! LOVE how she looks so curiously at the whole family. LOVE her grasp on Jen's arm-- "don't you let me go." Love Brodie's patience. And, love the progress she is making SO quickly. I knew it..... I just knew it. To God be the Glory!!!! (if she'll take it, try to feed her anything that starts with "P"-- some mashed up pears, pineapple, peaches, plums, prunes....it'll help her poop!) ;o)