"I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace." Acts 20:24

To Tell of His Grace

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kaylee Grace Day!!!

It's Monday morning in China and we have been up and ready for quite some time now! We are all so excited for our day ;) And we are still off a bit time wise - we made ourselves stay up until 8:30 last night and finally crashed! Then we woke up at 2:00 am feeling like surely it was time to get up for the day...we were able to doze off a bit and then finally got up around 5:30. We ate an early breakfast (they have an AMAZING breakfast buffet here!) I'm telling you - we're being spoiled! We had been telling our kids before we left that this trip is not a vacation - it's more like a missions trip because we are here to serve and take care of Kaylee (just trying to set them up to win of knowing what to expect). Well, now I'm afraid they may have a bit of a skewed picture of what a missions trip is like and if/when we actually go on one as a family one day they may be a little disappointed in the accommodations ;) haha ;)  But really, the real work hasn't started yet - they have a long day ahead of them today - we will head to the Civil Affairs office where we will wait for Kaylee (and all of the other babies from our travel group) for a couple of hours, fill out paperwork, etc and then we will go to the supermarket and get all that we will need for Kaylee. Friday is the BIG day for all of us - when we get to got to Kaylee's orphanage. We were told it is a 4.5-5 hour drive one way, we will spend a couple of hours at the orphanage and then make the long drive home. We have been told to expect a very long and very emotional day - we feel very blessed to be able to go to Kaylee's city and orphanage. We are going to do our best to try and gather information for her (take pictures of her finding spot, the area that surrounds her orphanage, ask questions about her and when she was found, etc) so that one day when she has questions about her birth mother/father/orphanage, etc we will have some answers for her. We are thankful that we were able to bring our kids on this trip. We know that going to the orphanage will be difficult for us all...but as Brodie reminded us this morning when we did Bible time... James 1:27 tells us to "look after orphans and visit them in their distress." It is the heart of our Father and He asks us to join Him by being His Hands and Feet to love the fatherless. So, not only are we going on behalf of sweet Kaylee and trying to put a few pieces of her life puzzle together, but we also feel that the Father of the fatherless, the One who has adopted us into His family through the grace of His Son,  has asked us to love on these precious ones - for they are near to His heart. We will have the opportunity to bring gifts for the orphanage (formula, diapers, etc) which will also be a blessing!
Our kids have been troopers so far and have done well with being in another country. In Hong Kong when we were at our hotel down by the pool, Brodie and I were on the lounge chairs and our kids were in the spa. We heard Kennady talking to someone so we looked up and were watching them all - they had met a couple from Australia (which was a treat to meet someone who spoke English) and before we knew it we could hear our whole story being told...how many days we'd be in HK, when we were going to Guangzhou, how long we'd be there, why we were going -that we were adopting a 2 year old girl and all about Kaylee, etc. We were cracking up - she and Keegan looked like college kids just chatting with this couple and getting to know them. Brodie decided he better go check out who this couple was that now knew all about us - they were great and apparently travel to HK often for vacation (?). We didn't love HK so much - so big and busy! We were a bit overwhelmed there and we didn't have a guide or anyone to translate...so it's nice to be here where there are other American families and a guide.
Please pray for Kaylee...she is just about now getting on the bus to head here - the last two girls had a rough time on the 5 hour drive to come here - never been in a car, never been outside - all very shocking and new...one even got car sick :(  We are excited to get our girl and continuing to pray for great peace over us all!

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