"I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace." Acts 20:24

To Tell of His Grace

Thursday, March 21, 2013

We Are HOME!!!!

It feels SO GOOD to be home! We are enjoying the beautiful sunshine and spring weather :)  Our last day in China was a little crazy so we haven't had a chance to post...we ended up needing to take Kaylee to the local ER and we were there all morning then had to pack up our things and head to the airport. We cannot say enough how much we LOVE Lifeline, our agency, and their in-country guides. They went above and beyond with getting us to the hospital on a very busy day for them - they're the BEST. Rebecca is the one who took us and as we were thanking her for all of her help she said, "First I am your facilitator, but also I am a mother." The ER in China is really crazy - so thankful for America's doctors and hospitals! We couldn't have done it without her helping us! One of the couples that we met from our travel group (the ones that we asked you all to pray for) watched our big kids so Brodie could come with me - SO sweet of Jesus to use them to bless us in that way! Kaylee got a shot to make her stop vomiting and they put some drops up her nose to reduce her fever - she only got sick one more time and was able to keep a bottle down about an hour later...so thankful we went.
We had a GREAT flight home ... thank you all for praying! Kaylee did amazing!!! She slept some and played some -she started throwing toys (which she thinks is so funny and we have overly encouraged it just to get her to laugh) and as soon as she knocked someone in front of us in the head with a plastic play cup, we decided play time was over ;)

We are home and now ready to start adjusting to real life as a family of 6! My mom had lunch made for us when we got here and dinner cooking. She got our laundry started and made our home feel so peaceful to come home to! What a blessing that was! We were able to just focus on getting Kaylee situated and we also got some rest ;) The boys headed out to the yard to PLAY and run around - something they have missed while in China! So good to see them get to do that :) Please pray for Kaylee - we can tell it is so overwhelming for her to now be in a whole new environment. Please also pray for her sleep (she just struggles so much at night time) ...we know that more and more each day she will start to feel comfortable and blossom into who her Heavenly Father created her to be! We will post pictures tomorrow ;) Please also pray for her 1st doctors appointment tomorrow to go well and for wisdom for the doctor about Kaylee's next steps. She still has a fever and cough...Thank you!

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