"I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace." Acts 20:24

To Tell of His Grace

Sunday, March 17, 2013

One Week With Kaylee Grace!!!

It's hard to believe it has been 1 week already with Kaylee! In some ways it just feels like she's been with us forever. Here is what we have learned about our sweet Kaylee so far:

She it itty-bitty (12-18 month clothing - size 4 shoe!)
She loves balls
She has the cutest laugh/giggle ever (although we still have seen only a few laughs where her teeth show)
She learns SO fast
She is CRAZY strong
She knows just what she wants and will clearly let us know ;)
She hates having her teeth brushed and her nails clipped
She won't take anything other than her bottle
She thinks it is so funny to throw things and throws everything we put into her hands
She knows her name and all of our names too - when we tell her "throw it to so-an-so" she does
Her eyes have started to track together sometimes when she is looking at things up close (we were told her Strabismus could be just environmental and she may not need surgery- not that we see the progress her eyes have made in just one week we are wondering if that may be the case with her??? One less surgery would be great!)
She likes the Ergo carrier
She loves to sleep on top of Mama - not just next to her. If she wakes up in the night and I have rolled her off of me, she will crawl back on top of me and hitch her leg over me like I'm a horse - then she goes right back to sleep
She now knows the kids are FUN and she laughs right when they walk in the room and immediately looks for something to throw so that they can retrieve it for her ;)
She let's Brodie play with her and knows that he is the one who makes her bottles and watches him very closely when he is making them.
She finds the most random things amusing and we never know what will make her start to giggle - sometimes we think she is starting to cry (like if there is a loud noise or if she falls...the kids shuffling their UNO cards, opening and closing the curtains, the wheat thins box) but really it is her starting to laugh.

We woke up feeling a little better this morning...THANK YOU all for praying! We also slept better last night...we so appreciate all the prayer! We ended up going on the local shopping trip with our group so that we could get Kaylee some Jade and Pearls for when she is older. It was a CRAZY experience- people everywhere - probably a million or more people in the shopping area that we were in. We got 3 Jade necklaces (one for each of us girls) in the shape of a circle which in chinese means "united family". We also got her some pearls for her wedding day.

Johanson Fam in our shirts that the Shabaglians got us....thank you Shabaglians! So fun!!!

One small section of where we went for the pearls and jade

Kaylee's pearls for her wedding day

Brodie is getting the jade necklaces with Rebecca helping him negotiate 

Hot and sweaty!

Rebecca keeps commenting on how great Kaylee's skin and hair is looking - she has visited Suixi many times and saw her before she was with us

Crazy sea of people shopping

The M n M man at the grocery store
Some of the videos of her yesterday.....

Thank you all again for praying! It means the world to us!!! We feel covered and lifted up :)  Please continue to pray for our health and for sweet bonding :)  3 more days until we head home!!! China has  been such a blessing for us to all see and know more about Kaylee's birth place - but it is hard work (all good hard work) and we are ready to come home and start really adjusting!


  1. Can't wait to meet her! I just love this story. You guys are so faithful. What a blessings. Will pray for strength for you sweet Jenny!

  2. I feel tired simply reading all that you are experiencing each day...can't imagine your physical and emotional exhaustion actually living it! Yet, I am giving thanks for the Lord sustaining your family as you share each moment with Kaylee! Oh, how He loves her (keep singing this song after I read your updates :) Please tell Kennady that Mia looked at ne the other day and said, "I'm really missing Kennady; it's just not the same without her!" We look forward to embracing you with joy and continue to pray that Kaylee would even now hear the Lord's voice of comfort and affirmation!
    Much love, Stephanie Washburn

  3. I have been thinking and praying for you guys. So glad I saw this blog right now :) Excited for you guys!

  4. VERY cute shirts!!! Love Pedestrian Street! and LOVE seeing Rebecca in one of your photos! tell her we said hello! XOXO