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To Tell of His Grace

Friday, April 19, 2013

Awards and Eye Glasses :)

The big kids had awards this week at school ~

Sissy got principal's honor roll

Kolson got presidential in PE

Keeg got academic all-star, principal's honor roll and presidential
And Kaylee got fit for her eye glasses :)
We got them a touch smaller than these in sparkly clear ~ the sparkles are multi colored ;) We couldn't even get her to keep them on for 3 seconds so we'll see how she does with them :)  They said once she sees how clearly she can see out of them that she will want to keep them on...hope so! 
The Eye dr. is trying to improve her vision in her right eye before surgery ~ her left eye is about 20/30 vision. Her right eye is about 20/200. This shows us that her right eye is the less dominant eye and is therefore the eye that wanders more often - in the picture it is her left eye wandering off. The good news is that she still can see in her right eye and if we can try to improve it before surgery than the dr has a better chance of lining her eyes up in surgery...so we are hoping she will like her glasses ;)


  1. I found your blog shortly before you traveled to China and want you to know that I think your family is precious! So glad that Kaylee is adjusting well...she will be a doll in her new glasses.

    A while back I remember seeing your "Go" adoption t-shirts and I was wondering if you were selling them? If so, is it possible to still buy one? We are also adopting from China and I am on a mission to find some special adoption t-shirts. I love yours!

    1. Hi :) Congratulations on your adoption :) It has been the biggest blessing in our lives!!! We got the shirts from wildolivetees to support a friends adoption but you can just order them too ;)

  2. Blessings to all your good news and praying for the glasses to be a great thing!!! XO