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To Tell of His Grace

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Laundry Time

Brodie took Sis to her first Jr. High Youth Group at church tonight.... They let the 6th graders start before summer. So hard to believe how quickly she is growing up! I had just the boys and Kaylee and I needed help with changing the laundry while I cleaned up the kitchen. I asked the boys to switch the loads and Kaylee followed them in there. Here is how they all came out...

These boys are always up to something!

Then they started folding the laundry and Kaylee decided to 'help' us with that too...

Which soon turned to throwing the laundry they already folded...

Look at their faces ;)  All part of having a little sister!!!

And there went all the laundry that they had folded. Needless to say I helped them and did most of it the 2nd time since when it all happened I just laughed and got my camera ;)
Kaylee loves her new blanket that a friend gave to her!

We got a new family photo!!! Our good friend Stacy has such a gift with photography and when she brought us dinner tonight she snapped a few quick photos~~~ so great to have beautiful pictures of Kaylee! We will do a big photo session when we can get Kaylee to say 'cheese' ;) Thanks Stace!!!

Precious picture....such a sweet gift to have!
Playing in the water :)
Kaylee is doing pretty well overall. She continues to make great strides every day. She still has many difficult moments of course (we have only had her home for 2 weeks!) but we are AMAZED at how well she is doing overall! We found out that she has a parasite from the orphanage and a nurse from the county called us today and let us know she needs to be basically quarantined until it is fully gone because it can be highly contagious --- so I guess this will help us to 'keep her world small'! We are hoping that once it is fully gone she will really begin to gain some weight and even have an appetite for solid foods (the parasite can cause weight loss and failure to thrive along with lack of appetite and abdominal pains). Please pray that this medicine will do its job and the parasite will be completely gone soon!

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  1. Bless her precious heart! That is probably why she has been crying. Hoping the meds work quickly!!! LOVE your family photo. Beautiful!!! Blessings and love! XO