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To Tell of His Grace

Friday, April 5, 2013

Why Adopt?

We've been asked this question a lot since we have been home and as we prepared to leave for China. Just by well meaning people who are curious why a family with 3 'older' kids would want another??? Well, as we have shared before, we would have never even considered adoption apart from Jesus calling us to. We are so thankful He did...truly it has changed our lives ~ she has changed our lives :) The Bible tells us that it is better to give than to receive...we can all give in some way to children both here in America and all around the world. I will never get the images out of my mind of those children in Kaylee's orphanage....her "crib mates"....just sitting there in their cribs for 23 hours a day...TWENTY THREE HOURS...I still cannot even fathom that! Well, I saw this link on my friend's blog and I had to share it...

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I heard another statistic the other day (not sure where so I don't know who to give credit to) that said, "If all the Evangelical Christians were to adopt there would be 147 million waiting families rather than 147 million orphans." Wow! Not to say that everyone is called to adopt ~ I really believe that we should wait on the Lord for that answer and listen for a clear calling...however, we can all help in some way! And as Scripture tells us...we will be blessed as we do!!!

Today I took Kaylee on a walk -she wanted no part of going in the stroller today (even though she has enjoyed it the past few days) so I walked with her in the Ergo. When we got home she went and 'Played" in Keegan's room - which means that she took everything out of his cubbies and off his book shelves and threw it all around the room ;)  She was 'playing' so well on her own that I didn't want to disturb her. I went out and made a bottle and looked back into his room and saw that she had taken his pillow off his bed and was laying on it...had to snap a pic!
Too cute!

After her nap we snuck out to Sissy's softball game and sat in the outfield so that I could watch but not be with the big crowd :) She did great at 2nd base ~ 5 outs...go Sissy go!!!

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