"I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace." Acts 20:24

To Tell of His Grace

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kaylee's Eye Appointment

So proud of our girl! Her eye appointment was 3 hours long and she rocked it! Three hours is long for any 2 year old and I was so proud of her for playing so well and staying close to us. She'd wander over and see the toys in the waiting room but come right back when we called her. Of course she cried when they put the drops in to dilate but that was expected :). By the end she was trying to hold it all together but was just sobbing in my shoulder- we had such a sweet and patient nurse that waited for her to calm and then was so gentle with her. Thank You Jesus!!!

Here she is playing as we wait

After her eyes were dilated so everything looked a little funny :)

Back in the room for more exams

Nana and Claire stopped by to bring us some grocery items that my mom got us ;)

Kaylee is showing Nana how to push the music on

Sharing :)

Sissy wanted to show the girls how to play the iPad

Kaylee thinks it's funny ;)

More sharing

The eye doctor told us that Kaylee needs to wear glasses (we'll see how that goes) ;)  She will also need surgery for sure :(  We thought maybe since her eyes seemed better at times that it may have been environmental but the eye dr said that any number higher than 15 on this particular test is surgery...Kaylee was 50+. She'd like to do it later in fall after she does a bit more testing. She is also sending us to a geneticist for some further testing due to some of her findings in Kaylee's exam - she really wants us to look further into the combination of Kaylee's eyes and polydactly and a couple of other things she noticed. We knew when we reviewed Kaylee's file that this was a possibility but we weren't expecting this at all today so it caught us a little off guard.  Here is what we KNOW for sure:

He knit her PERFECTLY in her mother's womb
HE made her beautiful eyes ...
HE gave her extra thumbs...
And all for HIS GLORY!!!

He does not make mistakes - all of this is intentional...for HIS GLORY!

All we are asked to do is LOVE her as He loves her.

We are blessed and honored to love this sweet girl!

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  1. And the biggest thing you know is God already knew all of this and chose you for her family. He will go before, He is with you now, and will take care of every single detail. He is the great Physician and knows all. I pray He will comfort you through the glasses, surgery, and testing. Our two heart babies went through the testing. It was all fine. Blessings and love!!!