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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kaylee's First Month

Here's a little more about 1 month with our girl ~

She LOVES music
Loves to dance and clap and get us all to dance with her
Copies (or tries to copy) most everything we do
She likes to lay her baby dolls out on a blanket and tells us "shhh" by putting her finger to her nose, covering up one nostril and blowing out the other side to make the "shhh" sound
Won't say any words yet but mimics our sounds and will use her nose for other sounds as well to try to sound more like us
Still only will drink a bottle (but will take them consistently from us)
She likes it best when everyone is home
Gets sad when she has to say goodbye to the kids for school
Gets excited when anyone comes home (kids or Brod)
She makes us laugh a lot
Her tantrums/melt downs have started to get better as she will now let me comfort her 
Still sleeps in our bed but is sleeping a little better (still wakes 4-5 times a night crying but calms right away now)
Sleeping with her is like wrestling a small bear cub ;) She goes from on top of me to the foot of our bed, to rolling over both me and Brod - she's all over the place! I'm about to transition her to her bed that we have pushed up next to ours with a bed rail at nap time...she's not quite ready for that at bedtime ;)
She does stay asleep now when I roll her off of me once I get her asleep at night
When she lays on me to fall asleep she rubs my arms (she does this to Brod when he holds her when I'm taking a bath)
She likes to "feel" each of our arms and legs (she feels one persons and then points to who is next)
Wants to "eat" everything we do and pretends like she is chewing after she takes a "bite" (pretending)
LOVES her bath
LOVES to go outside
Will now open her mouth to scream (used to scream with it closed)
She feels like she is getting bigger - I think she has gained a couple pounds!
She likes clothes, bows and shoes...likes for us to get her dressed and smiles when we do
Has come a long way with Brodie and really enjoys playing with him. He holds her every night when I take a bath and she just lays on his shoulder -most of the time - she had a big fit about it tonight :(
She giggles when the big exercise ball is rolled towards her and bumps her
She likes to play Ring Around the Rosies
Takes a 2-2.5 hour nap every day (will wake many times throughout to make sure I am sitting there and then goes right back to sleep)
If we get down and put our arms out and say "give me a hug" she will run and hug us
She will let us kiss her lips now (used to turn away) and smiles when we do kiss her lips
We have seen such growth as we have shrunk her world SO small - she is really doing better this way!

Overall I really feel like she has done so well this first month with us! I know we have a long way to go...but we are enjoying this sweet girl so much! We stand amazed at God's goodness and grace - He is so gracious to have brought her so far in such a short time!

 Here's a snapshot of our weekend:

Loving the "big" ball

Here's that FABULOUS giggle...
Music to our ears! When she giggles like that we usually sit there and do whatever amused her over and over until she no longer thinks it is funny ;)

 Our big kids have been playing a lot of kickball in the yard and enjoying this beautiful weather. Look who joined them tonight...

Dear Jesus, please cover Kaylee more and more each day with Your Peace - it is Your Peace that surpasses all understanding! We ask you to surround her with Your Presence and shield her with Your Power. Please give us all that we need to be Your Hands and Feet to this precious girl!

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  1. Bless her being home a month!!! She's in good hands! Blessings and love!