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To Tell of His Grace

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Surgery Day! The God of All Comfort

Well, we are home and the doctor said her surgery went really well! He ended up needing to rearrange a couple of her ligaments so that added to what he was originally planning on doing but he is hoping that ultimately it will help the overall function of her hands. He mentioned again that her thumbs will always be smaller and not quite the same as our thumbs...but we know that Jesus is able to do all things and if it is His Will, He will give her full functioning hands. We're praying for that for sure!

In waiting room

Sitting with Daddy for a picture ;)

Getting her gown on

What kind of socks are these???

Music makes everything better!

They would not let us go back with her at all no matter how many times I explained the unique situation of her being terrified and only being home for 6 weeks - she just fell to pieces when they took her :(  So hard!

The moment that she began to wake  they said she went completely "wild" like they have never seen before :(  She ripped her IV out and was thrashing uncontrollably. They ran and got us immediately and thought we'd be able to calm her (usually she calms right away with us) - she was so out of it that we didn't help much at all. She was tugging and pulling on her casts to get them off (and hitting us upside the head with the casts - Brodie calls them her boxing gloves). Poor girl!!! We put praise music on and prayed over her and spoke Jesus' Peace into her ear. We felt so awful for her :(  After about 45 min back there she got calm enough for us to move to another room and start discharge. They rushed us through because they thought she'd calm more once we were home (and honestly, I think they didn't know what else to do with us!)

We got her to rest a bit before they discharged us...poor girl!!!

After we got home, she kept on screaming and screaming but was pointing at a bottle (they told us only clear liquids - well, she won't take clear liquids...only her bottle exactly how she likes it). We tried apple juice anyway but she just hit it away from her. So, we started with just 2 ounces to see if she could keep that down - well, she guzzled it down and then screamed for more. We just gave it to her (poor thing - she hadn't eaten since last night at 9:30 and when formula & rice cereal are all you'll eat, it doesn't go very far!) She took 7 more ounces and wanted more... So we gave her 4 more ounces and still she wanted MORE! We were afraid after all the meds she had to give her more so we just got her to sleep. Praise Jesus that her bottle stayed down! She woke up after about 40 minutes  crying so hard so we gave her her medicine. Sleeping again now...

Rest well Kaylee! May Christ's Peace surround you!!!

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort." 2 Cor 1:3

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  1. My prayers are with your sweet Kaylee and hope that all goes well with her recovery. I remember Stacie and Nathan's stories about Karlye after her surgey for her legs and all about those casts. I hope that Kaylee feels all the love that her family surrounds her with and that she feels God's constant love for her.